Illustration Selections

LifeStyle Book of Hours


Permanently inspired by the magazine illustrations of the 1950s, this collections comprises the more stylish, urban, and surreal, form of editorial. In addition to the illustrations above a small publication entitled The Lifestyle Book of Hours, was created. 


Hundreds of years ago Books of Hours were small, lavishly illustrated devotionals created during the middle ages for the use of lay people. Differing from the usual devotionals used for religious priests or monks these texts were seen as status objects and were rich in their spirituality. The content was frequently tailored to the buyer, but each contained a set of prayers to be pronounced during the canonical hours. The books were hand painted as unique art objects, and for many families represented the only book they owned.

Taking the format of these sentimental objects this publication uses the idea of hourly illustrations to speak to a visual definition of the Good Life, depicting the serendipitious, romantic, and fashionable lives of a new generation and what these indidivudals might be doing at each hour. In today’s world of speed, accessibility, and intensity the LifeStyle book of hours provides a solution to a niche of forgotten sentiments: The importance of a sense of taste and an effort to leave a mark on every hour of your day.